Tyson Barrie Has Been Fine, But He Can Be Better

After the Toronto Maple Leafs lost a heartbreaker to the Montreal Canadiens in overtime on Saturday night, all that kept appearing on my Twitter timeline was fans blaming Tyson Barrie for the loss. The reason? He had the puck at the point and took a low percentage shot that killed possession and resulted in theContinue reading “Tyson Barrie Has Been Fine, But He Can Be Better”

Thoughts on the Jack Campbell and Kyle Clifford Trade

After a demoralizing loss to the New York Rangers on Wednesday night, the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t take much time in making a drastic change to their roster. Mere minutes after the final horn blew, the Leafs had struck a massive deal with the Los Angeles Kings. There are some conditions on the draft pickContinue reading “Thoughts on the Jack Campbell and Kyle Clifford Trade”

A Tribute to Kobe Bryant

The news of Kobe Bryant’s sudden death on Sunday came as a shock to a lot of people in both the basketball and sports community. And how could it not, he was one of the most influential and popular athletes of the new millennium, going through one of the most storied NBA-careers we have everContinue reading “A Tribute to Kobe Bryant”

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